Jonathan Eklund

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Retail + Hospitality

Ecostruct is a leading provider of design/build and management services to properties in both the retail and hospitality industries, offering the same high performance packages available to our residential clients but in a commercial application. With over 60 years of combined hospitality and retail experience, both on the construction and management fronts, the principals at Ecostruct can help ensure that your establishment is designed precisely to your preferences while maintaining the most efficient and effective layout for your proposed clientele. Additionally, calling on our relationships with local artisans and manufacturers, Ecostruct can create sustainable spaces engaging the various commercial tax incentives available. Our retail and hospitality services include but are not limited to:

*High Performance Contracting

*Construction Management

*Structural and Mechanical Engineering

*Project Management

*Architectural Design Services

*Refrigeration and Ansul System Design

*Parking Design Consultation

*Passive House Certification

*LEED Certification