New York City
Shelter Island

High Performance Design + Building Solutions, from the Ground Up

At Ecostruct, we are of the firm belief that when planned efficiently, a high performance build should closely reflect the costs associated with a traditional build but with way better results.  To this end, our clients serve as an integral part of our project team helping ensure comprehensive collaboration from pre-construction through sign off.  

We are committed to producing superior products while providing excellent service in all of our endeavors.  In order to accomplish these tasks simultaneously, we will create a customized design/development program from pre-construction through a 12-month follow up to ensure that our clients are well informed of and satisfied with the work performed.


Ecostruct LLC is a full service design/build, management and consulting firm, specializing in sustainable, high performance construction and development.  

Since our inception in 2009 the Ecostruct team has been providing high performance design/build services to our clients across the Tri-State area. With locations in Brooklyn and Shelter Island, we have great access to a vast array of sustainable resources hand picked from local artisans and manufacturers, helping us create very unique and personalized spaces.

As a certified Passive House trade company and a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited firm, Ecostruct offers its clients our unparalleled modeling, design and building services to ensure the most comprehensive efficiency plans possible. With our clients’ comfort and their families’ health and wellness always at the forefront of our design, our single and multi family residences are unmatched in energy performance, sound and air quality emphasizing sustainability and healthy living catered to the individual.